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2d Workshop of the European Nanotechnology for Thermoelectrics Cluster “Nano4TE”

2d NANO4TE workshop

The analysis of the present thermoelectrics projects portfolio, performed following the 1st NANO4TE workshop, has highlighted a strong emphasis on developing materials, nanotechnologies and structures which offer improved efficiencies (and thus lower cost). However, it was outlined that optimisation of process and integration is still required, as a lack of developments in these areas may be barriers to commercialisation.

Three main recommendations have been highlighted:

-          an average  ZT value up to 1 offers already some industrial application. No needs in a short term to move at a higher ZT

-          the scalability from material to system proved components (along the value chain) is the main priority in short term

-          durability is crucial for the industrial application in order to have a complete thermoelectric system.

The objectives of this second workshop were to identify and validate the common research and innovation priorities of the different projects, and to update technical data and align the EU Nano4TE bottlenecks and priorities with other EU roadmaps (Nanofutures, EMIRI, KIC). An open session workshop has been organized in order to link EU NANO4TE needs to the nanofutures roadmap across the seven Value Chains. The main conclusions will be forwarded to the commission to position the thermoelectrics technology into the forthcoming potential european funding opportunities.

It was also decided to create an additional sub-cluster gathering ERC projects to keep the link to more fundamental thermoelectrics related initiatives. Dr Marisol Martin from CSIC was identified as this sub-cluster coordinator.

A third workshop will be organized next September during the European Thermoelectric Conference in Madrid.

The report of the second workshop is available in the download section, as well as a summary of the identified running ERC grants.